Why I’ll always go back to the island of Manado

Manado is an ideal site for diving as a result of its wonderful marine life, as well as its exciting and amazing sites. Here's a rundown of things we love about this island:

Nature escapades

In the event that you need to escape from the solid wilderness that is the city, Manado is your ideal hideaway put. This island is a niche for the individuals who look for alleviation from the heaviness of the city life. The sound of the waves, and the trees alone is unwinding. Manado is additionally a perfect place for contemplating and reflecting. Simply bring your very own tangle!


The island of Manado is awesome for soul-seeking not just as a result of its quietness and wonderful scenes. It is additionally copious in sanctuaries and religious models. In Manado you will locate Asia's second tallest and world's fourth tallest statue of Christ, the Jesus Blesses statue. In addition, make a point to not miss the Ban Hin Kiong Temple, the most established sanctuary in the island, next time you visit Manado!


There are a few volcanoes in Manado that are phenomenal for trekking. So in the event that you are searching for an additional experience, this sloping island is your go to put. You won't just appreciate the view from the well of lava pits and sulphuric lakes, you will likewise get the chance to extend those legs!

Scuba diving

Last however not the slightest - scuba diving! The island of Manado is well disposed for a wide range of diving: profound diving, divider diving, and full scale diving. Probably the most appealing dive locales in Manado are the Barracuda Point, Bango Point, Sachiko's Point, and Alung Banua. Manado's marine life won't likewise fizzle you as it's absolutely rich and entrancing!

Make a point to attempt these exercises out next time you visit Manado, in light of the fact that we are certain you'll likewise cherish them as much as we do!



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