What night diving in Asia looks like

Diving in Asia is not only for the light of the day. It can also be a enjoyed by those who wants to dive in the black of the night. “Night diving is scary and devoid of color”? Well, we disagree. Have a glimpse on what a night diving in Asia really looks like!

Night diving in Asia with big marine animals

Look at these manta rays! It would seem like they came from a different world, but a sight like this can be witnessed just by diving in Asia—at night.What night diving in Asia looks like

Corals appear to be different at night

Some species may look dead during the day, but at nighttime they turn to twinkling underwater stars. See how this one light up the dark, black water.What night diving in Asia looks like

Glow in the dark show

Diving in Asia at night will surprise you with theatrical performances from different marine critters. Isn’t it fascinating to witness these underwater lamps put on a show? We bet these glowing jellyfish are the best dancers you’ll ever see.What night diving in Asia looks like


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