Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

Serenity and silence are few of the best things that the vast ocean can offer, which is why meditation could be done under the sea. I’m sure most divers would agree! Some divers might skip the action-filled adventure deep down and only want to experience the calmness, peacefulness, solitude and solace that the waters and marine life offer.

We’ve first experience being surrounded by water when we were still in our mother’s womb. And to be able to be surrounded by the ocean water already feels natural for all of us.

Underwater meditation lets every diver experience this sensation in a relaxing manner; it is also aligned to benefit natural body healing. Unlike meditating on land, the only sound you’ll hear is the water plus your own breathing. Diving promotes a perfect environment to escape reality.

A professional diving instructor could help you in your meditation to ensure that you can enjoy your experience. The meditation usually takes about 10-15 minutes,  although you can stay longer if you want to. 

To fully exercise your experience, here are 8 ways to guide you on your meditation.

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1. Overcome your fear and relaxUnderwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

The first step is for you to try scuba diving. If it is your first dive, you will be overcome by a lot of emotions including fear and uncertainty. Which is why, it is best to relax and try not to think things through. And lastly, just surrender to the peacefulness. After all, if you are following all the diving rules and if you know how to handle your equipment well, you do not need to fear anything. 

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2.  Withdraw the senses and focus

Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is MeditationOnce you’ve surrendered yourself, your body will be relaxed as if you’ve entered another world. Your senses will be enhanced and limited – you might hear strange noises from the bubbles and from your own breathing, escaping other noise and seeing only beautiful things.

Your eyes will be stuffed behind a mask, its color and depth perception will change and is almost untrusted. You will be left with your mind and breathing as your companions. Don’t be distracted and just focus.

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3. BreatheUnderwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

Deliberately breath slowly and calmly. This affects your state of mind as the less you use air, the more time you’ll be able to dive longer. You will be in a trance as you meditate, allowing your mind to quieten.

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Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation4. Feel the sensation

As you meditate, you will be able to feel the little changes with your breathing pattern as it alters your buoyancy.  Your slow breathing and slightly rise from the water is truly fascinating. The more you meditate the more you exhale slower and your entire body drifts lower without effort at all.

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5. Move slowly and with intentionUnderwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

Move gracefully and avoid unnecessary movements to avoid wasting too much energy, preserving your oxygen in your tank.

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Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation6. Observe and shift

If you are able to relax, focus, breathe, and quiet the mind, you will be able to experience the shift. As your mind becomes totally still, you will be able to swim gracefully and most of all you can be one with the fishes.

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7. Experience timelessnessUnderwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

For the time that you’re doing your meditation, a diver can tell that a dive might seem to last by 5 minutes. And within that time, you are already full of amazing memories. It is as if time stops as you enjoy every moment you spend underwater.

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Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation8. Come back

While you are relaxing, the your dive buddies might suddenly give the signal, snapping you back to reality. And as you slowly swim upwards, you’ll be able to feel another change – your ears may hiss as it adjust to the change of pressure.

And now you’re back on the surface. You’ll be able to hear everything loudly again. You’ll be swaying uncomfortably to the current for you are no longer the graceful diver that you are.  Now take a little of your time to pause and reflect after your dive. Surely, you have experienced quite an exciting one.

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Come and experience the other side of the underwater and relax under the calm ocean. An experience worth trying; a temporary escape from the stressful and loud world that we live in. A dive that you’ll definitely remember. For scuba diving is truly an underwater zen.

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