Top 5 Features on a Liveaboard That All Divers Wish For

Liveaboard is one of the best way to dive, in our opinion and one of the best dive holiday a diver could ask for. From coffee shop talks to shipping of the idea, we are finally ready to unveil one of the latest projects that have been brewing for a good 3 years in the making. She sports several firsts in Southeast Asia’s class of LOB vessels that deserves a listing of its own:

Built for comfort, speed, power, endurance
Mega Explorer was built with hitting all these needs in mind; safety, environment, comfort, efficiency, endurance, and seakeeping properties (less rocking means less vibration, noise, and splashing) in mind. Modeling test prior to the vessel construction has validated that the hull design will result in very good sea keeping qualities, especially during harsh weather conditions.

A relatively low resistance level allowing for consistent progress under power when meeting head seas, and excellent pitch-roll and sway with seas from the sides. Drawing on decades of knowledge and experience in seafaring and engineering, the radical hull and superstructure design is poised to change the perception of what diving a live-on-board vessel should feel like.

All-weather Dive Deck
Onboard Mega Explorer, we have designed a dedicated dive platform located astern featuring an all-weather, ventilated enclosure; is a one-stop platform for kitting up and gearing down before and after dives. Gear up and down in comfort, shielded from all weather elements, still leaving ample space to move around even!

Hyperbaric Chamber
Long trips out at sea mean we lose access to medical facilities if we really need them in times of emergency. Mega Explorer comes equipped with an onboard hyperbaric/recompression chamber with built-in breathing systems (BIBS) and accompanying first aid room for emergency treatment of decompression sickness. Whether you’re an instructor, divemaster, a recreational diver, a technical diver or doing a technical diving course, you can dive with a peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered in times of need. Better yet, get covered with a Dive and Travel Insurance.

Space is a scarcity. When there is sufficient space for everything and everyone, it is definitely a luxury. There are large salons on the main and upper decks that provide various enclaves for dining, socializing and entertainment, while the flight deck and sun deck provide additional spaces for outdoor leisure. With 11 Double Cabins, 10 Twin Cabins and 1 Suite Stateroom (all cabins come with en-suite bathroom), Mega Explorer offers spacious accommodations and creature comforts that will suit every individual’s needs.

Get ready to be pampered even further with Jacuzzi tubs onboard. Surface intervals are an integral part of the liveaboard experience. Eat. Sleep. Dive. Repeat. That’s life on a liveaboard. Now, add Jacuzzi to that experience and adventure of a lifetime. The perfect cherry on the topping.

At 115 feet length overall and over 400 gross ton, Mega Explorer is truly in a class of her own. Drawing on decades of knowledge and experience in seafaring and engineering, the hull and superstructure design is poised to change the perception of what a diving live-onboard vessel should feel like.

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