The Sights of Similan Islands

Did you know that Similan Islands is located at the northwest of Phuket and it is a chain of 9 small stunning islands. Similan is one of the best known clear blue diamond at the Andaman Sea. It is also counted among the 10 most interesting dive areas in the world, this beautiful little archipelago is also the favourite destinations for yachts and tour boats. Similan Islands is also famous of their dive sites.

Here are some of the highlights of Similan Islands:

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Donald Duck Bay – this bay is called the Donald Duck Bay because of the rock that looks like Donald Duck. It is also one of the best photographed landmark and has the best view from the bay to
the east side. At the bottom of the rocks you can see decorator crabs, huge bull crabs, cuttlefish and squid. There might also be a sighting of painted rock lobster and red octopus.

Not only the dive that can enjoyed in this site but you can also do rock climbing and enjoy the panoramic view of the islands and the clear blue waters below. Also, this bay is great for night diving.

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Elephant Head Rock – it is a huge boulder that resembles a half submerged elephant. This boulder is one of the most striking features of the island where divers can dive with the maximum depth of 50m however for most of the divers 30m is deep enough to dive. There are also submarine peaks, canyon, caves and passageways for scuba divers. With this diving spot you can have the chance to spot a leopard shark and whitetip reef shark. If you weave through the channels you might see nurse sharks too!

There are also archways of soft corals, seafans and full of other marine life. If you go to the most southerly tip of Elephant Head there is a small group of pinnacles submerged on a deep water. This attracts the manta rays and even whale sharks. This area is one of the most challenging dive sites in Similan with the possibility of the strong surge and current.

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Boulder City – is a chain of submerged boulder formations. It got the name from the huge granite boulders that are stacked up upon the other big boulders and it even have the amazing underwater landscape and it guarantees you of a great dive! If you seek an incredible adventure this is the dive site for you because of the strong currents and for this reason alone the big fish like whale sharks and manta rays can be seen here.

You might want to look out for Napoleon wrasse and trevallies hunting swirling schools of glassfish. There are many cleaning stations on this dive site where you can see Giant barracuda, dogtooth tuna and mackerel. These stations provides great opportunity to see the timid slender unicornfish. Since this one is one of the more advanced dive sites, it would be a good idea if you end your dive on the middle of the site where there is the shallowest boulder, plus the currents here aren’t strong.

We all know that Similan Islands is one majestic place to visit and the best time to dive around Similan Islands would be from early November to early May. Best if if you could go diving liveaboards.

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Nothing is better than diving in the clear blue diamond Andaman Sea of Similan Islands! So let’s pack our bags and book the next plane ticket to Phuket!

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