The Cure to US Presidential Elections 2016 : Trump Should Learn Scuba Diving

Disclaimer: This is just a tongue-in-cheek piece meant for a derisive laugh. And life goes on. 

Once in every four years (thank god it’s not every year), Uncle Sam runs this really expensive circus show called the US Presidential Elections, where we see numerous exhibits (sometimes they turn out to be freak shows) and the creative manipulation by ringmasters. Always a great show. Albeit most of the time, the audience does not really have a choice but to watch in amazement at this superfluous world-class performance stacked out of cash.
This year, the show is made thrilling and chilling at the same time with a show segment called Donald Trump, whose most outstanding personal attribute is his hair.

trump hairy
The chill factor rises as he wins in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii and is now leading amongst the Republican candidates. (Something went terribly wrong here.)

Assassinations are not new. But that’s a move that I don’t think we should be counting on. And this guy is really rich. He probably has a wall of defense built around him. (Pun absolutely intended.) Besides, I always think that violence only creates more violence.


So a soft approach might be the best solution to this epic situation – scuba diving.
And here’s why.

1. He will realize that the world is much bigger than his hugely inflated ego

Swimming with Manta Ray in Similan

75% of the earth of is made up of water bodies. Most people could barely last a minute without air underwater. The force of nature could easily displace any human life. And the beauty of nature is beyond our imagination. His ego will not be able to contain or hold any of that. So he could probably attribute some of that energy and resources to causes more worthy such as climate, food, energy, education, poverty etc. And that should be the only reason why one would and should become the Head of State, especially of a nation that has caused much turmoil and brought so much suffering to the world. We need wise and empathetic leaders, not greedy power-seekers who were born with golden spoons.


2. He will realize that we are but a speck in this universe

raja ampat

The insignificance is felt when the only thing you could see is the endlessness of the ocean when aerial images show you how the biggest boat seems like a dot in the mass water body. Or similarly, when you sail in a boat and there’s nothing else but water in sight. When this thought dawned, it just made all the problems we have seem close to nothing in comparison. That this world will continue to turn even without us. So what are the values we could create during our short time here?


3. He will realize that we are One


If you have watched “Avatar”, you might have remembered a scene when Neytiri brought Jake Sully’s avatar to the Tree of Souls, and told him about its connection to Eywa, who is the deity and spirit guarding Pandora, of how everything is interconnected as One. Well, we don’t technically have a Tree of Soul, but ultimately it’s the same concept. Interestingly, when it comes to diving, it dissolves the boundaries between people. It doesn’t matter what your title is, what religion you come from, what ethnicity you were born into, what educational qualifications you possess, or even how physically-abled you are, the water dissolves all differences once you dived into it. It made us all realize that at the end of the day, we share the same fears and insecurities, same hopes and dreams under the same sky. So perhaps we should turn the separatist point of view of “me” and “you” into a “we” or “us”, whether it’s towards the same species or not.


The Republicans have really outdone themselves this time. There is this Chinese saying, play with the fire and it will burn you. (That’s a really bad translation but you get what I mean haha.)  This fire is gonna bring the country down with it now. The Frankenstein they created is now running amok and becoming almost uncontrollable. Kudos guys. Even God cannot do much now since the churches and mosques could be a thing of the past.

Well, it is just really sad to see a system that we created which was intended for the betterment of mankind being exploited and manipulated to satisfy the greed of individuals. Perhaps through the efforts of ordinary people like you and me, we could make a difference. Let’s continue spreading that spirit and blowing bubbles of peace and harmony and spreading that message to everyone whom we come into contact with. 

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