Why is Tenggol Worth the Journey

A quaint little island nestled amongst the string of islands in the South China Sea, Tenggol is cozily private, with only two operational resorts. Most of the islands in Malaysia are pretty developed, you can catch a whiff of commercialization miles and miles away. It is becoming rather difficult to find another one as untouched by the arms of capitalism like Tenggol nowadays.

Just like all the good things in our world, you need a little patience. The ten-hour journey will manifest in ways that are worth the wait.

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The Resort
Despite the remoteness of the island, the resorts are very well-maintained and well-furnished. Rooms are clean and comfortable. Every room is air-conditioned and comes attached with a bathroom too. AND HOT SHOWER. And food is awesome too. Just imagine the buffet dinner with Beef Rendang, Assam Fish, and the list goes on. Wipe that sliver of saliva off the corners of your mouth please.

Bay View Chalet
The Private Balcony

The Dives 
As for the dives, there are about 20 dive sites around the area. There are dive sites appropriate for divers of all experience levels. Turtle Bay, Coral Garden, Rajawali for the beginner divers. The further sites out in the open with more current for the experienced divers. Decent sites with pristine corals and great viz in the right weather. Walls, sloping reefs, swim-throughs, the architecture is full of surprises. A dozen variety of Moray Eels were peeking at me while I made my way through the dense coral landscape. The visual stimulants are just too much for me to list them here.

Most dive sites are accessible within 10 – 15 minutes, so we usually swing out for a dive and come back for a nap/food, then head out again.

Apologies but wide angle lens are expensive!


Whale shark migration happens every August till October and also in March/April! One of our group saw this beauty last October! 


The Views
One of the most memorable moment was the panoramic sunset. My vocabulary bank is not sufficient to express how beautiful it is, so here are some images to feed your imagination. The changing hues and shades of purple, pink, orange, it was the best surface interval I’ve ever had. Grab a beer and take mental snapshots of the changing faces of Mother Nature. Cross your fingers that the skies are clear. 

Picture Credit: Another Traveler
Picture Credit: Another Traveler

And we often wonder where the stars are when we look up to the night sky amidst our urban jungle. Apparently they’ve been playing hide-and-seek with us.

Picture Credit: Bertrand Low

The Activities!
All of us have that perfect image of that perfect holiday on that perfect little island. Of course the environment matters, especially when you are on holiday. But nothing ever beats the company you are with. This is us getting Jenga-ed!

Picture Credit: Another Traveler
Forehead drawing for the Jenga-ed!

There is also ample space on the island for you to create your own bubble of existence when you need that time and space away from everyone and just be with your thoughts.


When you come out of that bubble, a beach volleyball game might just be the perfect solution.

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With the absence of WiFi, it is a good break from the digital connectivity, from the incessant notifications on our devices of endless emails and messages. What you have will be the company of a bunch of individuals who share the same passion for the underwater world.

If you are looking for some rare moments of solitude away from the occasionally overwhelming city of ours or just a weekend of good fun, this is it!

See you here! https://blog.diveyourchoice.com/2016/02/17/dive-your-choice-2016-calendar/

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