Muck Diving in Indonesia: Where to go for the best experience?

Indonesia holds a treasure trove of the most popular much sites in Asia. If you are a lover of the weirdest ocean stuff—a true blue muck diver—you should definitely explore these exciting  sites.


Ecstatic muck diving sites can be found in the eastern coast of Bali, Indonesia. Here you will find the USS Liberty Wreck that is clothed with beautiful corals. After so many years being submerged in the black sands of Tulamben, this wreck has fostered and became a home to a great variety of marine creatures: from crabs, and shrimps to pygmy seahorses, and mimic octopus.

Lembeh Straits

Lembeh Straits—the “muck diving capital of the world”. With sloping black sandy bottom studded with the strangest marine critters, this murky waterway is perfect for those who want an extra challenge to their

muck diving game. This site is a home to various species of nudibranch, octopus, frogfish, and seahorse.


North Sulawesi

This northern muck diving haven of Indonesia will surprise you with its magnificent muck sites. You can find great population of nudibranchs, pipefish, shrimps and crabs in this area. Pygmy seahorses, and octopi are also abundant.


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