Lombok Historical Sites and Temples to Visit After the Dive

There are a lot of fascinating sanctuaries around the west drift, and many of them are Hindu or old animist locales of love. Here is a list of temples in Lombok you should definitely visit after your scuba diving trip.

Pura Lingsar

Perhaps the main place on the planet where the Muslim and Hindu meet up to implore and celebrate. Worked around 1714, Pura Lingsar was initially in view of winning animist convictions of the time, and a portion of the first animist statues remain today. Perang Topat is a yearly celebration held at Lingsar and highlights a ritualized war with rice cakes, which likewise fill in as an offering to the God.

Pura Narmada

Around 10 Km east of Cakranegara in Narmada, Narmada Temple was built on 1800s as a copy of Segara Anak and Mt. Rinjani, the lake inside Rinjani's hole. The greenery enclosures at Narmada are delightfully kept up and encompass the pool and lake.





Suranadi Temple

A complex of three sanctuary found a couple of kilometers north of Narmada in Suranadi, is the most established and the holiest of the Balinese sanctuaries in Lombok, established by the sixteenth century Javanese minister, Danghyang Nirartha. Underground steams rise into reestablished showers, utilized for custom. Colossal consecrated eels live in the pools and streams here, and can once in a while be attracted out with an offering of bubbled eggs, To see a sacrosanct eel is viewed as extremely fortunate!


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