How to Dive Phuket Over The Weekend

Thailand boasts its very own ‘Pearl of the South’, or Phuket, a diverse island that is a must-see for scuba divers. And if you haven’t tried diving in Phuket yet, then your adventure is not yet over.

Phuket diving has a lot to offer – from the picturesque beaches to its beautiful marine life, to the amazing corals, and to majestic wrecks. To be able to explore it all, it would surely take some time. Some people recommend at least one-week length of stay to be able to fully explore Phuket. But commonly, diving tours could preferably be long or short depending on you. Diving in Phuket is both flexible and affordable, making them popular to those people who plans dive trips ahead.

It is also a place perfect for the time-strapped urban-dwellers like you and me.

I’ll tell you our cheats on how to dive Phuket in two days – it only takes knowledge, proper planning, and the choice for the best dive crew.

Here’s a list of diving trips that you can do within the limit of 2 days.

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1.Phi Phi Island, Shark Point and Racha Yai

An ample amount of dives in these three sites can already give you the best of Phuket!


Phi Phi Island is one of the popular tour destinations with its clear seas, white-sand beaches and sheer limestone cliffs. The famous Maya Bay is notably seen in the island. The island offers rare species like the Frogfish, Harlequin Shrimp and Ghost Pipefish, Sloping Reefs, beautiful deep pinnacles and local marine life.


Meanwhile, Shark point is another marine sanctuary. You’ll be able to find Leopard Sharks that are docile and are often resting on the sandy seafloor, a vast multicolored reef, vast schools of tropical fishes, colorful soft corals and a lot more. It is also blessed with a stunning selection of the Giant Gorgonian Fan Coral, that varies in size but some could be as big as 3 meters, and also some bizarrely shaped barrel sponges and a variety of  vibrant soft anemones.


And also being the largest Racha Island, Racha Yai has a broad selection of both hard and soft corals, a collection different fishes and divers could also find Blue spotted stingrays and Garden eels. It also offers wreck divers the entertainment to explore a few wrecks, one is the popular Harruby wreck that is located on the eastern side of the island  between the bay 1 and 2.


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2.King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone Reef and Racha Noi

If you want another perfect option for a limited-time diving in Phuket, then the two-day combination of King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone Reef, and Racha Noi is the way to go!



The King Cruiser is a popular wreck diving destination. This beautiful wreck is a Japanese car ferry and was sank in the year 1997. Surely for wreck lovers, this is one of the musts see wrecks in the south-eastern part of Asia. And with its outstanding beauty, even the vast schools of snappers, fusiliers, barracuda and goatfish and rabbitfish are attracted with it.


And the Anemone Reef is located north of shark point and although it’s not as colorful as the latter, it is famous for its vast field of sea anemones, it clings to every conceivable surface as it swings and sways with the current creating an illusion of being a giant living rock. With its astonishing beauty, the anemones cover the top in a carpet-like manner, producing one of the gorgeous and best underwater sights in Phuket.


While the Racha Noi is located at the southeast side of Koh Racha Yai, it offers divers a clear oceanic experience and a variety of fishes such as Lionfish, Jeweled Fairly Basslets, Scorpion Fish, Butterfly Fish, among others. The island has two bays: Banana Bay and Marina bay that a diver can choose from. Since Racha Noi is more of an isolated island compared to its sister island, Racha Yai, divers could have a time for themselves as they dive to their heart’s content. And on the northern tip of the island, divers could have the opportunity to have a nice multilevel dive along with a large pinnacle where you’ll be able to spot a  larger marine life such as reef sharks and stingrays.


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So there you go! Who said you cannot enjoy the majesty of Phuket in just two days?

Other than the options listed here, I am sure there are still a lot of options you can freely choose from. And believe me, whatever itinerary or dive style you take, Phuket won’t disappoint!


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