How I Am Getting Ready for the Mola Mola Season

Hey, divers! The mola-mola season will be up in no time! The largest bony wonder of the deep is waiting for you to adore so what are you waiting for? Pack your gears and get into diving! Here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for some Mola mola adventure.

Book a dive trip to the island of Bali!

This is probably the first step for your most awaited adventure. You’ll definitely get the world class diving service in Dive Inn Bali, a dive center, resort, and travel services located in Tulamben. With the Mola mola season only a few moons away, take a look at your schedule and contact the resort early to get the excellent opportunity to appreciate the wonderful Bali Sunfish whilst getting the highest levels of customer service from their experienced dive team.

Dive Sites Checklist

Bali is surrounded by nutrient-rich waters loved and adored by the Mola mola but the Nusa Penida is one of their favored cleaning stations. Dive places such as Crystal Bay, Blue Corner, Toyapakeh are among the dive sites that are variable and perfect for Mola Mola spotting and hunting. It is highly suggested that you devote at least 3 days of diving around Nusa Penida to provide yourself the greatest chance of interacting with these glorious creatures.

Upgrade your diving level, get an Advanced Adventurer Course!

To get the greatest out of your Mola mola adventure and other exciting dives, it is nothing but rightful to upgrade your diving skills. Predominantly, the richest marine biodiversity is deeper than 60ft. Scuba divers who wish to hang out with the Mola mola have to be prepared for the strong currents which can be challenging and occasionally hazardous that’s why you should definitely enroll in an advanced adventurer course to get plenty of experience as well as confidence. There are a lot of resorts and diving centers that offer this course, take for example Dive Inn Bali for 3 days and 4 nights with their expert diving team.

Prepare diving equipment!

After booking your trip and checking all the possible dive sites to interact with the Mola Mola, you have to prep up your diving gear next. Let’s start your investment with a well-fitted drysuit to keep you warm and comfy underwater. Your next piece should be your regulator with an instrument console then your buoyancy compensator. You should also arrange your own tank, weights, underwater light, booties, gloves, safety sausage and a dive bag to hold it all. We all know it, diving is not cheap neither is the gear and equipment that you need so you can just rent your gear on some diving centers. Get your dive gear the maintenance it needs to ensure that it is reliable and functioning before the trip!

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