Diving in Asia's 5 best dive sites

Asia is a home to the world’s most marvelous dive destinations. Complete your diving in Asia dive goals with the top 5 best dive sites on our list!

Diving in Malapascua

If you have not experienced diving in the Philippines yet, then diving in the island of Malapascua located in Cebu is a good first choice. Malapascua is a cradle to a great diversity of marine life. It is the only diving site where you can observe and dive with thresher sharks. Manta rays, whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks also lurk in this diving site!Diving in Asia's 5 best dive sites

Diving in Anilao

This underwater kingdom is a must go when diving in the Philippines. It is considered as the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines, and still has not lost its good reputation. This isle is also popular among local and international diving communities as the the Nudibranchs Capital of the World. By diving in Malapascua, you will witness the colorful array of nudibranchs species and the glorious variety of fish that can only be found in the Philippines.

Diving in Asia's 5 best dive sites

Diving in Phuket

Like a pearl with diverse colors and variations, a diving in Phuket—branded as the Pearl of the South—will give you a fascinatingly diverse experience. From its rich culture to its magnificent underwater, Phuket diving definitely gets a sure spot on diving in Asia’s top list of best dive sites. The stars of Phuket’s underwater are the manta rays, whale sharks and various species of reef sharks.Diving in Asia's 5 best dive sites

Diving in Similan

Not only Similan’s white sandy beaches are worth-visiting—its underwater is also as glorious. Considered as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world, diving in Similan will open you up to a vibrant marine biodiversity. Similan also takes pride in its breathtaking coral landscapes.

Diving in Tenggol

Tenggol is a serene and isolated island along the east coast of Malaysia, but its underwater is loud with multihued marine life and natural underwater architectures. Diving in Tenggol is also popular for its enchanting wreck sites.Diving in Asia's 5 best dive sites


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