Dive Holidays You Can Actually Maybe Afford

The beautiful island of Bali awaits you with its most breathtaking places. And in case you are wondering where to spend your 4D3N trip, here’s our little guide to your most affordable dive holiday ever!

Dive Inn Leisure Packages

Visiting Bali would not be complete if you don’t visit the underwater scenery. Dive Inn Leisure Packages of Dive Inn Bali has a lot to offer for your next trip. If you’re a beginner diver, the scuba diving package is really affordable and this will accommodate you all the way underwater. For wreck divers, don’t miss the chance of witnessing the beautiful Kubu and Tulamben wreck dives!

Included in the choices for your leisure packages are 4D3N and 5D4N packages in Kubu or Tulamben. Their hostel/dormitory option or deluxe room option is very affordable and it includes 3 days breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy also the 6 leisure dives in Kubu and Tulamben with a local dive instructor and end your day with their 1 hour Bali massage.

Dive Course Packages

If you wanted to learn the basics of diving or gain knowledge about deeper understanding or experience in the diving world, these diving course packages of Dive Inn Bali is perfect for you. You may get universal diving recognition, experience higher levels of adventure underwater or complete your OWD course the best way to the beautiful Bali.

Dive Inn Bali Resort

After a long tiring day, it is best to relax and unwind yourself with a comfortable resort or hotel in the Bali. The Dive Inn Bali Resort is perfect for your stay in the island. It is near the famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck of Tulamben plus different breathtaking dive sites in the area like Kubu Wreck, Drop off and Coral Garden. Guests can satisfy their hunger at the Seafood Restaurant served by the Balinese people located in the area. Relax as there is also SPA at the place and sleep in a comfortable and clean hostel or room.


Make your stay in Bali a memorable one! Dive Inn Bali is suitable for all types of divers who wanted to witness the amazing island and it is close to the famous Tulamben and Kubu diving area. Come and create amazing moments in your next 4D3N day trip!



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