Bintan Diving You Did Not Know About

  • Bintan can dive one meh?!!

    That is usually the first question. Uh huh. It is open for diving. However, conditions might not be the most ideal at all times. Bintan during the monsoon reminds me of my mother, with her oh-so-frequent mood swings. (In fact, Bintan is actually more predictable in comparison.) This is one place that is open all-year round. It is one of the few options available during monsoon too and is a popular option for students doing diving courses like Open Water, Rescue etc. even during the diving season from March to October.

    Bintan diving dive site

    So we take the ferry go??

    Yes, the ferry ride is approximately 50 minutes via Bintan Resort Ferries, where you alight at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal (BBT), instead of the Tanjung Pinang Terminal. The ferry ride in comparison is a lot more comfortable even though BBT is further away.  Followed by an hour of land transfer to the resort, where the dive centre is also conveniently located. Dive sites are ten to fifteen minutes boat ride away from the resort. Which means when we finish our dives, there is ample time for post-dive activities in the resort. You can do a massage, spa, chill and have a beer or karaoke.



    Got stuff to see ah?!

    The conditions of the corals are pretty good since dive sites here are not crowded. Visibility might be unpredictable at times. But there are quite a bit of things to see. It is not Lembeh or Sipadan for sure, but we’ve had a few nice surprises! Spot these adorable creatures on your own!


    Blue-spotted stingray





    Then the resort there nice not??!

    By nice, you mean, like….


    Diving in Bintan usually elicits a reaction of surprise from the receiver – Dilated pupils (probably due to shock), nervous gulps. Either that or blank stares at you followed by the turning of the head. Now you know how to respond if you were asked that question the next time!

    In conclusion, Bintan is really near, travelling time is short, great food and accommodation, with the only downside as the unpredictability of the dive site conditions where other weekend destinations such as Tioman, Tenggol, Anambas are a lot better in comparison. And of course, price-wise, Tenggol and Anambas are higher in comparison.

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