Are You A Responsible Diver?

It is significant that your diving undertakings are ethical and sustainable. As divers, we must ensure we have an understanding of the impacts of our activities. Here are 5 things you can do to become a more responsible diver:


Collect any litter you find on your dive. Take away angling lines, plastics, and even glass bottles from the seabed that jeopardizes the life of marine species.


Do whatever it takes not to torment or irritate marine life. You are just a guest to their home—respect them.


Support local products. Explore outside your cabin and dive resort. In any case, while it is important to help local industry, don't purchase crafts created utilizing objects taken from the seabed.


Do not touch anything when you dive. Do whatever it takes not to accumulate shells, grasp onto coral to steady yourself, and take live marine animals.


Boycott eateries or diners that serve endangered animals, or any marine species gotten from heartless and damaging techniques.



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