7 Must Go Destinations For The “Big Stuff” Lovers

Almost every scuba diver has come across that image somewhere – that majestic yet graceful creature gliding across the waters, it might be a Whale Shark, an Oceanic Manta Ray, whatever creature it is, that moment always captures our hearts. It usually piques our imagination and that question, “What if I could swim together with them?”

In the scuba diver’s dictionary, we call them “The Big Stuff”. With the fulfillment of this evergreen wish in mind, we have shortlisted the destinations that will allow you to “Dive Your Choice” with the “Big Stuff”. Bearing in mind, however, sites that allow you to see pelagics are usually more challenging, with more currents and lower visibility due to the amount of plankton in the waters. And for that, we would recommend you to be at least being PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and above.

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