7 Books for Ocean Addicts

Not everyone knows how to dive neither do they know what it’s like to explore the underwater world (yet). And thankfully, there are different ways on how you can understand the world under the water. One of those ways are books.

Books has always been and will forever be a source of learning and understanding. There are genres that could help a person to truly comprehend what it is there beyond – things that we cannot easily obtain.

The underwater world has always been one of the famous settings that an author would use. Due to its mystique, solitary feel and natural beauty, most writers and readers would love to indulge in its environment.

Are you an ocean addict like me? Join me explore the ocean’s mystique in writing.  And with their amazing descriptions, we can already feel as if we’re there and we are a part of that world.

Here’s a list of the must read-books for us ocean lovers and scuba divers! You’re welcome!

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsThe Soul of an Octopus

Sy Montgomery, the author of the best selling memoir The Good Good Pig, published this astonishing book in 2015. It tackles the physical and emotional aspect of the world of the octopus, known to be surprisingly complex, intelligent, and spirited creature, and its exceptional connections with humans.

In Sy Montgomery’s popular 2011 Orion magazine piece, “Deep Intellect”, he talks about her friendship towards a sensitive, sweet-natured octopus named Athena and the sorrow that Sy felt at her death. As it indicate the sweeping fascination towards the mysterious, alien-like creature, it went viral.

And because of what happened, Sy has exercised true immersion journalism, from New England aquarium tanks to the French Polynesia and Gulf of Mexico reef to pursue these wild, solitary shape-shifters.

Octopuses’ personality and intelligence vary as they show it in myriad ways: countless trickery for escape and capturing food;  jetting water playfully to bounce objects like balls; and to elude caretakers by using a scoop net as a trampoline and runs around the floor with its eight arms.

With a beak like that of a bird, venom like that of a serpent and a tongue covered with teeth, it’s quite interesting to know how can an octopus thinks and act, and what kind of thoughts they could be thinking. Montgomery records this growing admiration of the octopus, but it also tells a love story by turning this book entertaining, profound and touching. This book reveals what can an octopus teach us about consciousness and the meeting of two different minds.

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsMoby Dick

This one is a classic, a masterpiece of Herman Melville and also one of the greatest works of imagination in literary history. Published in 2003, Moby Dick tells the story of a sinisterly intimidating madman, who pursues an unholy war against a beast as dangerous, enormous and mysterious as the sea itself. The book is more than just an adventure novel and more than an encyclopedia of legends and whaling lore, for it talks about a part of the author’s lifelong meditation on America. It is wonderfully written with redemptive humor; it is also a perceptive inquiry into character, nature of perception and faith.

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  1. Tthe-old-man-and-the-seahe Old Man and The Sea

Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea (1996) is a story about an old Cuban fisherman and his extraordinary trial: an agonizing, relentless battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. The books uses a simple yet powerful language of a fable. Hemingway takes the personal triumph won from loss and the timeless themes of courage in the face of defeat and transforms it into wonderful twentieth-century classic.

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsBy The Sea Book I

Antoinette Stockenberg’s By the Sea Book I (2013) is a four-book series racing through the Gilded age up to the Gatsby Era’s Roaring Twenties and then on to the Great Depression, reaching the pinnacle in nearly a century later in Newport, Rhode Island. The set is against a backdrop of mansions, a superb Cup Yacht Races of America, and brand new money. Passion and adventures of the three family for three different classes is what the series shall trace. And of course, the setting is what the title suggests, by the sea.

The Book One of the series talks about the tale of Tess Moran, a gorgeous Irish housemaid in one of the grand summer “cottages”, who makes a dark deal with a man of commanding wealth, only to fall in love. It takes place in the late nineteenth-century of Newport.  

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsGift from the Sea

Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift From the Sea (1991) is a reflection of her youth and age, love and marriage, peace, contentment and solitude. It was written when she set them down during a brief vacation by the sea. With the shell as an inspiration, Anne thought of how can a woman’s life bring new understanding to both men and women at any stage of life. She is an acclaimed writer and a pioneering aviator, a mother of five.

Lindberg wants the readers to find space for creativity and contemplation within their lives, seeing as that modernity is overwhelming to threaten us. She describes it with great wisdom and insight of the shifting shapes of relationships and marriage. A presentation of the vision of life as it endures and evolves in partnership.

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsSea Change

Aimee Friedman’s Sea Change (2009) talks about Miranda Merchant, a sixteen year old girl who is great at science and not-so-great with boys. Miranda happily spends her summer in Selkie Island after a major drama with her boyfriend and ex-bestfriend occurred. She helps her mother sort out her late grandmother’s estate.

With her time in the island, Miranda finds new friends and with the islands mysteriousness, her logical, scientific mind is being tested by the facts of it’s mystical history. Fortunately enough, She met Leo, the man who challenges everything that Miranda knew about boys, friendship and reality.

Is Leo really the person whom she knows? Is he hiding something? Or is it something that she could never have imagined? That’s the mystery that lies in this book.

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  1. 7 Books for Ocean AddictsLog From the Sea of Cortez

John Steinbeck and Richard Astro collaborated in writing the book and published it in 1941. The story revolves around Steinbeck in 1940. His great friend Ed Ricketts, a marine biologist, sailed with him in a sardine boat to collect marine invertebrates from the beaches of the Gulf of California. The expedition is being descried by the two men, a day-to-day story is told in the log in Sea of Cortez. It’s a combination of philosophy, science, high-spirited adventure.

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So, that’s quite a list! Get ready to take on the world of literature, divers! Now take off those diving gear for a while, and get reading!

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