6 Less-Touristy Dive Sites in Indonesia

Perhaps you already know that scuba diving Indonesia is something genuinely special. Perhaps you’ve already explored Indonesia’s Bali and the Gili Islands. But there is so much more under Indonesia’s waters. Here are more sites to dive when in Indonesia.

An absolutely unbelievable destination on the planet. You’re going to run introduction into strolling sharks, wobbegong sharks, Pygmy ocean steeds, whale sharks and more.

I had never known about Alor, yet I am certainly happy I gave it a visit. It’s numerous world class dive locales and endless intriguing critters, will inspire you to dive more!

Named as a standout amongst the best dive sites on the planet by Jaques Cousteau, Wakatobi is on top of any enthusiastic diver’s rundown. It’s near Bali, so head down here for an unorthodox diving experience.

Manado is on the shores of the main island itself, with Lembeh and Bunaken islands off the coast. These regions are in and around the Lembeh Strait, and is best known for muck diving and the rich biodiversity.

Some portion of the Maluku islands, Ambon is best known as one of Indonesia’s renowned zest islands. This Indonesia dive area is frequently joined with adjacent Banda Islands, which you can associate with by watercraft.

Lombok Island is a feature for some. Less touristy than close-by Bali with bounty to see and do, particularly for outdoor activities devotees who loves climbing and surfing.

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