5 Must-Dive Tioman Dive Sites

Tioman Island is a standout amongst the most famous islands of Malaysia. Taking a boat r from Mersing to the island conveys you to the absolute best diving on the planet. Make sure to also leave enough time above water to appreciate the various things the region brings to the table.

Tiger Reef

This tremendous site incorporates an apex that goes down to a profundity of 22m. It can have a quite solid current, so is for advanced divers. The astounding measure of marine life you will see will blow your mind, including corals of various kinds, barrel wipes thus numerous fishes. You may even be sufficiently fortunate to detect a whale shark!

Soyak Wreck

Two old Thai angling water crafts rest at the base of the ocean simply holding on to be investigated. It is a standout amongst the most mainstream night dives in Tioman. Solid flows course through here, making it for those divers with vast water advanced accreditations. The marine life cherishes it, and you will see some astounding critters!

Fan Canyon

This stunning gorge, which drops to a profundity of 30m, is packed with some astounding critters, for example, Scorpion Fish and anchovies. The substantial shakes and dividers are shrouded in wonderful coral everything being equal, shapes and hues just as ocean fans, nudibranches and flatworms, just to give some examples. On the off chance that you are brisk with the camera you might be amazed at what you catch.

Teluk Kador

This reef has some amazing things to see. You could see some tricky whale sharks just as blacktip sharks, or play with a portion of the more agreeable turtles. Moray eels will beauty you with their quality just as some different lobsters as they voyage around the bright coral. A perfect site for divers all things considered.

Magician Rock

This astounding apex/divider is a standout amongst the most well known locales in Tioman Island for untamed water advanced divers. You will be excited with the majority of the manta beams, whale sharks, groupers thus considerably more. The solid current around this zenith is home to a bunch of fish which will engage you for the whole dive. The excellent coral is best in class. Make sure to have your camera prepared!

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