5 Things You Did Not Know About Diving in Bali

Bali, as one of the most visited diving destination in the world, is surely an amazing experience for many tourists. The “Island of the Gods” as described by few, has a lot to offer aside from simply diving or snorkeling. Below are five things you may experience in Bali.

Wall diving experience

Dive Trips Bali | Diving in Tulamben | Day Trips Bali

Try the Pulau Menjangan situated at the tip of Bali’s northwest coast, also known as the Gilimanuk. Aside from its cold temperature that ranges from 20 to 25°C, you can also see the beauty of different reef corals and sea fans! Come and visit also the beautiful Drop Off or Tulamben Wall that was formed due to the lava from Mt. Agung.

Witness the wonders of marine lives through muck diving

Dive Trips Bali | Diving in Tulamben | Day Trips Bali
Capture the amazing underwater experience in Bali! Blue Lagoon from the east coast of Bali is perfect for its shallow reefs, as well as the Napoleon Wrasse, Stargazers, and Blue Ribbon Eels. Muck diving is ideal for all the divers who want to see unique underwater living things such as the Skeleton Shrimp, Donut Doto, Golden Mantis Shrimp. If you are adventurous enough, opisthobranchs will also greet you underwater like the Techacera Sp. Even for night dives, you can also catch the Coconut Octopus roaming around, the Marble Shrimp and the tiny Bobbit Worms.

Make your diving experience memorable through wreck diving

Aside from the remarkable Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, explore more of the Bali’s wreck diving sites! Did you know they also have the Japanese Wreck located in Amed? You may also want to take a look at the Anker Wreck and Boga Shipwreck. Also, add the Kubu Wreck or “Ghost Wreck” to your wreck diving choices!

Discover the temple underwater of Bali

Dive Trips Bali | Diving in Tulamben | Day Trips Bali
Buddha Statues at Coral Garden, Tulamben

From the colorful corals to unique marine creatures, it’s nice to end your diving experience by witnessing the beautiful temple located underwater at Pemuteran! The stunning Buddha statues are also picture-perfect. It’s lovely how these sunken relics make the diving experience more exciting.

Diving season is all year round

Dive Trips Bali | Diving in Tulamben | Day Trips Bali
Sea fan corals at Tulamben

From December to March, wherein there is less visibility, only few scuba divers visit the island. In Tulamben, the perfect diving season is from April to July or October to November. Summer or not, beautiful Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida offer you all year round diving experience.

It’s amazing how Bali take you into a different world of diving. Make your diving experience more unforgettable and discover more of its wonders. Come, together we’ll dive in Bali!


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