5 Benefits of Scuba Diving

1. It reduces your anxiety level

One of the most important thing you will learn in scuba diving is the breathing. You will hear your instructors saying, "breathe and exhale deeply and slowly." Deep breathing is one of the key attributes in the practice of meditation. Sounds pretty easy right?

Sometimes the seemingly easiest thing that we take for granted might turn out to not be so easy. The elimination of noise in the surroundings, and the turn of focus to ourselves when underwater, coupled with the raised consciousness on deep breathing, you get deeper within yourself. And in that process of doing so, it just naturally eliminates the level of anxiety that we often feel with the daily rush of getting things done, hitting our targets and just living life in the fast lane.


2. You learn that composure is key

Staying calm and composed is the key to handling situations that arise well. You lose directions when you panic and it messes with your judgment. Of course, it is a build-up over time too, as it is a basic instinct that one needs to overcome and can only be achieved with deliberate practise.

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3. You feel self-empowered

Learning how to scuba dive may not be easy on the first try; dealing with equipment assembly, using muscle groups that you did not even know exist, losing the ability to communicate verbally, keeping the visual check on your instructor and your buddy. On top of that, one has to deal with a bit of current, take care not to break corals and so on.

When you could take in the sights underwater and knowing that you have overcome so much to achieve that, the feeling of being self-empowered is real.

Underwater Zen: Why Scuba Diving Is Meditation

4. It increases your level of self-awareness

Not only does scuba diving experiences put you with different people, the environment one is exposed to is also almost always different; on land and in the water.

The removal of external distractions that are commonplace coupled with the direction of focus on oneself internally; you focus your attention, your emotions, reactions, personality, and behavior on yourself. That allows you to see where your emotions and your thoughts are taking you in your life. Having a clear understanding of your thought and behavior patterns help you to understand other people. This ability to empathize facilitates better personal and professional relationships.


5. You age slower

Okay, I am probably bullshitting about this one. My theory is, scuba diving makes you happier. If you are a generally happier person, it lifts your mood in general, and it sets off a chain of effects from there. So, do things that make you happy. At least when we age, we can look at those wrinkles and say we've lived a worthwhile life.

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