4 Facts About Diving in Tulamben You Did Not Know

It can be very affordable

Diving trips are always assumed to be a pocket-burning experience. Tulamben Bay has long been established as one of the best dive sites in the world since the discovery of the USS Liberty Wreck and later on gained her reputation to become one of the best macro dive destination in Southeast Asia.

There is quite a selection of resorts on the bay and prices varies. The dive sites are really nearby, so dives in Tulamben, Kubu, Seraya are done via shore entry, without the need of a boat, costs of dives there are generally affordable, and great value-for-money for the visual feast underwater.

The Tulamben shore

Expect a wide variety of underwater beings 

Tulamben Bay is full of surprises, from the world-famous USS Liberty Wreck to an amazing variety of critter life that could be on par with those of Lembeh - widely recognized as the muck diving paradise of the world. The treasures hidden amongst the black sand in Tulamben Bay will keep you enthralled. Apart from critters that rival some of the best macro sites in the region, dive sites such as Coral Garden, Drop-off, and much more, offers a variety of visual experiences. 

Ribbon Eel

Diving in Tulamben
Harlequin Shrimp

Diving in Tulamben
A shrimp that I could not name

Brand new dive sites  

The Kubu Wreck and the Monkey Reef are new additions to the Tulamben bay area. Sunk in September 2012, Kubu Wreck is an 85-meter vessel that lies about 5 minutes away from the USS Liberty Wreck. Coral growth is not the densest yet, but this new kid on the block has immense potential to be the next most sought-after wreck dive site on Tulamben Bay.

Monkey Reef is a site with coral reefs to those similar in Amed. Critters can also be found, be it the regular ones or not. The wonderful thing about new sites are the surprises that come your way when you least expect it to. 

Diving in Tulamben
The Boga Wreck in Kubu. Photo Credit to Clement Lee

Dive Inn Bali
Moray Eel at the resort's house reef. Photo credit to Clement Lee

Brand new dive resort 

Yes, you are seeing it right. A brand new establishment in Kubu area. And if you don't know, possibly the first Singaporean-owned dive resort in Kubu (not too sure about in Bali though!). The resort has welcomed guests and has received some great reviews from Europe, Singapore and China since her first appearance just a few months ago.

Works are in progress to expand the operational area of the resort to cater to all crowds and make diving in Bali attainable and unforgettable, whether you are a backpacker, a family, a student with a restricted budget, a couple who wants to spend quality time together, or a group of kakis looking for good diving, or a corporate group doing a year-end retreat, the resort has what you need.

The Kubu wreck is right in front of the resort and USS Liberty Wreck about 5 minutes away.

Dive Inn Bali
The Deluxe Room

The 6-bed hostel

Dive Inn Bali
The pool and the restaurant

Dive Inn Bali

Tulamben Bay is a big present waiting to be unwrapped by divers.

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