3 Ways To Get The Most Out of ADEX

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]ADEX is just round the corner. It’s shopping time again! I mean, of course, ADEX is more than just discounted trips, courses or equipment, but that’s what most of us are there for right? If you are new to diving, ADEX is an exciting place to be, you’ll probably be walking from booth to booth and checking out the operators’ offerings. If you have a friend who is into diving, you’ll probably be heeding their recommendations on what to get and who to go diving with. If not, it could be a little overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions before diving head-in to ADEX! 

Don’t just buy because it is on sale!

The arrays of brands and products are aplenty. We get derailed sometimes by words such as, “reduced prices” and make impulsive decisions that we come to regret. Deals and bargains are at the top of the list, but quality matters too. For example, I bought a 25-litre dry bag two years ago and I’ve only used it once. Why? Even at half-filled, it is way too heavy for me and I look ridiculous because it covers three-quarter of my very short frame. I bought it because it is such a bargain for the price, which it is. (Er, if you need a 25-litre dry bag, let me know.)

So some questions to ask are: Is this operator reliable? What’s their reputation? How do they conduct their courses? What is this brand about? Is it a brand that produces high-quality products that are durable? You can check them out online. Do your research. Ask your diving friends for inside information. Ask questions if you have any doubts at all before you foot the bill.

P.S. I heard Poseidon is coming to ADEX this year! (If you’ve not heard of Poseidon, check them out! Cuz I AM SUPER EXCITED!)

Details. Details. Details! 

The devil is in the details. And yes, you could probably judge a book by its cover in this case. How many efforts are put into the design of the booth? What’s the flow of registration/sign-up? How do they present their products? What image does the staff project? Operators who put their brains in all these details, chances are, you can expect them to put efforts into the details of your trip/courses to make it a good one too.Not forgetting details of physical products too. What materials are used to make the product? Are they going to last you in time to come? A simple one such as, is this pointer made of stainless steel? Or aluminium? Because that makes a hell lot of difference in terms of durability. (I’ve personally sworn off aluminium pointers.) A more sophisticated one such as Does this BCD has any padding on the harness? You might not think it’s much, but it makes a difference on how much you enjoy your dives.

Plan ahead! 

Do your research. Go to the website, take a look at the lists of exhibitors and check them out online. Especially if you are heading to ADEX for the first time, it is going to be an overwhelming experience. There are tons of booths and a whirlpool of operators to choose from. Jot down your to-buy list with the budget you have in mind, armed with more knowledge and a plan, you’ll probably be making better purchase decisions and making better use of your time at ADEX.

Check-out the Exhibitor List for ADEX 2016!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]And for the dive junkies, God knows we love busting our paychecks on dive-related items. Happy shopping everyone!


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