3 Reasons Why A Liveaboard Is the Way To Dive


  1. Eat, sleep, dive. On repeat!

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    Not sure if you feel the same way, but travelling in the heydays of my youth took a turn into the lane of comfort as I grew older. I’ve slept under trees and on couches, hopped on motorbikes, walked through thunderstorms and blood-freezing winter nights just to save a few dollars to get to where I thought I need to be at that point in time.

    The increasingly comfortable urbanite in me tends to overpower the romantic wanderlust nowadays. If wheels would do, no legs will be used. If a direct flight is available, I’d rather pay more. Initially, I was a little skeptical about liveaboard because of the concern of seasickness. Well, up till now, it’s all good. Unless you are ultra-sensitive, seasickness seldom happens. One of the significant upsides of a liveaboard is this, it is that perfect sweet spot between an adventure and a holiday.

    And trust me when I say that it is non-stop bingeing whilst on a liveaboard. You never really stop eating. The holiday bulge is sure to happen. All you do after the dives is to eat, sleep, maybe chit-chat and then this wonderful cycle repeats itself for as long as you stay onboard.

    Adrenaline factor still alive!


    Meals are the constant on a liveaboard

    Liveaboard = A Holiday Cruise + Dive Adventures – (Sum of  Travel and Dive Hassles)


  2. You get to dive a variety of sites

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    Certain geographical areas have dive sites scattered all around it, a liveaboard is the best way to get around these places to get a well-rounded dive experience, with each day of diving packed with variety and surprises at an array of dive sites. And some destinations are only reachable with a liveaboard due to the remoteness of the area. Anambas is one of them.

    Some of the world’s best dive destinations are best dived and travelled on a liveaboard. For example, Raja Ampat, Maldives, Palau, Anambas, Similan, Hin Daeng etc.

  3. No more sorrowful gearing up and finning!

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    Even though I am an instructor, I am not ashamed to admit that I prefer to have my gear all done up and ready for me instead of having to do it myself. Not only will your equipment be set up for you before the dives. They will also pick you up from the dive site with a dingy. No more seemingly endless finning back to the boat. You will also realize that other than wearing your own personal gear, you do not need to lift a finger in-between dives. You will always find your tanks charged and gear prepped for you after that post-dive nap. Before the trip ends, all your gear are packed and washed down. How awesome is that?


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