3 Amazing Facts About Anambas Island

Explore the Unexplored Anambas Islands

Indonesia has always been known to have lots of world-renowned islands making the country to be one of the places that a diver must come to visit. It is also a known fact how magnificent the views its coastal spots could offer a diver, not to mention the indigenous marine life it presents.

And one of Indonesia’s beautiful islands is the Anambas Islands with its title of being one of the best tropical islands in Asia, coined back in 2013 by CNN. So surely, it wouldn’t disappoint. The island is another picturesque place that has a clear wide ocean-blue view with matching green islands dotted with azure lagoons.

Anambas Islands are group of islands that create an inland sea and an outer sea with beautiful corals scattered everywhere and connecting different islands, especially during low tide. And since the islands have clear waters, ocean corals and school of fishes are visible on the surface. One would certainly love to relax and experience its beaches as Anambas wonderfully shows the view of the ocean up on the surface. But, wait. What more if we go deep down underwater? Divers would definitely rejoice!

There are 3 amazing facts why divers take their luggage and ride their way to Anambas Islands and why it wouldn’t surely make a diver go home without satisfaction.

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Anambas, IndonesiaLand of Enchantment

Unspoiled coral reefs, plentiful marine life such as Turtles, Barracudas and Batfish, and amazing adventures make Anambas Islands definitely a land of enchantment. Serenity is what it also genuinely offers to every curious diver. The unusual reefs being found in underwater with its unusual features is truly intriguing indeed which is why seeing it is already an achievement that a diver could find.

Some people might not immediately appreciate the place because it doesn’t seem to be well-known but that fact is what makes it interesting to explore. The island is truly enchanting especially since it offers underwater expeditions that not many divers have already ventured on. They islands have different sites left untouched until today.

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Land of SurpriseSeven Skies of Anambas, Indonesia

If you want a more thrilling adventure,then you couldn’t go wrong with Anambas. It offers surprises to every divers, some of these might even be on your diving bucketlist. Be surprised with the Great White Sharks (yes, we saw one while diving liveaboard MV Nautica!), and be amazed with unusual discoveries such us unusual corals and marine life. With the island being isolated from the rest of the diving spots in the world, surprising discoveries are being made with enthusiasm. After all, it is what we do – explore the unexplored!

The island also offers wrecks that are surely worth to visit. One of the wrecks known in the island is the Seven Skies Wreck, a ship that sunk after its explosion back in 1969. For years, its beauty mesmerized divers with its structure being preserved overtime, making it a playground for them. Unfortunately, however, in 2015 illegal salvage ships destroyed its beauty leaving its body with incomplete frames and creating an atmosphere of being abandoned. Still, the structure of its magnificence is visible.

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Anambas, IndonesiaLand of Adventure

As I told you earlier, the island is remained untouched because of its isolation where only liveaboards from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore could be the common access. And having said that, there are still things left unexplored by divers. Species to observe and wrecks to be known. Corals that are of unusual shape and sizes are sights to see. And for those whose heart and will are strong, wrecks that are 30m below the waters are just the kind of adventure – with sudden appearances of whale sharks and underwater turtles in the wrecks.

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Truly, Anambas Island is a destination that is worth a mention in the diving world. I personally would want to back to experience the enchantment, surprises, and the amazing adventures it offers.

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